What We Do

      1.Sourcing in China
  One Experienced and Professional China-Based Team
* Good understanding of customers' expectation and requirements
* Good knowledge of China pharma and specialty chemical industries
* Plenty of information of Chinese suppliers

Recommending Appropriate Suppliers to Customers
Recommending suppliers based on:
* Reliability
* Capacity
* Ability to meet customers' buying spec. and competitive price
* Quality system and EHS standards
* Technical and Analytical capabilities

Providing On-site Technical Support
* Providing technical support to suppliers to improve quality and efficiencies


Offering Assistance on Regulatory Issues
* Offering advice to suppliers to make continuous improvement on quality system
* Recommending experienced regulatory consultants to suppliers to prepare FDA DMF, EDMF
and COS etc. documentation

Offering Assistance on EHS issues
* Offering advice to suppliers to make improvements on EHS, ensuring suppliers to
meet requirements of local government and customers

  2.Service in China

* Offering CRO services
* Developing and supplying fine chemical compounds in lab scale.
* Capable of process transfer & technical support to manufacturing sites
* Custom manufacturing from Kilo to multi Tonnage scale
* Capable of receiving Technology Transfer